Mark 11:12-20

Nothing But Leaves

In verses 12 thru 20 we find the account of Jesus cursing the fig tree. The problem with the fig tree was that it was fruitless. The primary application of this scripture is the false worship that had came to pass in the nation of Israel in the time of Christ. In our day there are many "churches" that look like a church from a distance but when you get close and inspect them through the eyes of the scripture there is nothing but leaves. Please be careful in these last days that you do not put your family in a church where there is nothing but leaves.

1) The Desire Of Men vs 12
  > their traveling (passing through this world)
  > their tiredness (weary from everyday life)
  > their trouble (hungry , needing to be fed)
2) The Direction Many vs 13
  > their looking (seeking for satisfaction)
  > their location (afar off from the reality of the tree)
  > the leaves (superficial religion with no fruit)
3) The Discovery Of The Master vs 13-14
   > an approach vs 13 (he came to the tree)
   > an anticipation vs 13 (to find fruit)
   > an aggravation vs 13 (he found no fruit)
   > an announcement vs 14 (the Lord cursed it)
4) The Deficiency Of The Mockery vs 15-19
   > they skewed salvation vs 15-16 (money changers sold the sacrifices)
   > they stopped the supplication vs 17 (no prayer and communication)
   > they sought to silence vs 18-19 (they feared doctrine)
5) The Demise Of Their Ministry vs 20
   > the time (in the morning)
   > the truth (dead from the roots up)

Pastor Scott Dotson
John 19:30

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