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John 1:37 "And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus."

     In this chapter we see the ministry of John the Baptist as it is winding down. It is interesting in verse 37 that John has exalted the Lord Jesus Christ so much that his disciples are willing to follow Christ. There is a great lesson to be learned from John the Baptist.

1) The Promotion Of Christ Publicly vs 32- 36 (John exalted Jesus)

2) The Perception Of Christ's Pupils vs 37 (John was happy about this no doubt)

3) The Product Is Consecrated People vs 38-39 (They followed Christ home)

4) The Power Is Christianity Perpetuated vs 40-42 (Others came to know Christ)

Pastor Scott Dotson
John 19:30

Building In Days Of Bondage
  A verse by verse study of Nehemiah
Sunday nights at 6:00 PM
walls of Jerusalem

                         1 Corinthians Study 
                        Wednesday nights at                        
                                   7:00 PM

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color youth service

Monthly Youth Meeting
Ecclesiastes 12:1-6
Come to encourage our young people!! We will hear music from the Little Ivy Youth Choir and special singing then we will hear a challenging message from the men of God that bring the message each month. After service we always enjoy a good time of food and fellowship with the young people. If you are looking for a meeting to encourage and challenge your youth, come check it out!

Our next youth meeting will be January 27 at 7:00 pm. Preaching will be Pastor Robert Jarvis of the Welcome Baptist Church in Union, S.C.